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This module provides a command line tool jsonld to manipulate JSON-LD data. It is written in JavaScript for node.js and uses the jsonld.js and jsonld-request. Inputs can be from stdin, URLs, or files.



Go to the checked out git repository location:

cd jsonld-cli

Install your local version:

sudo npm install -g

If local install fails, try uninstalling any previous version:

sudo npm uninstall -g jsonld-cli

Or install latest release from the npm repository:

sudo npm install -g jsonld-cli --unsafe-perm


The jsonld command line tool can be used to:

  • Import N-Quads to JSON-LD
  • Transform JSON-LD to compact, expanded, normalized, or flattened form
  • Transform RDFa to JSON-LD
  • Normalize JSON-LD/RDFa Datasets to N-Quads

All inputs can be given as a local file name, a URL, or standard in (-).

To show tool options, a list of commands, or command options:

jsonld --help
jsonld COMMAND --help

To import from N-Quads:

jsonld import test/doc.txt

To frame a document using a JSON-LD frame:

jsonld frame -f test/frame.json test/doc.json

To compact a document using a JSON-LD context:

jsonld compact -c test/context.json test/doc.json

To normalize as N-Quads:

jsonld normalize -q test/doc.json

The N-Quads can then be processed via SHA-256, or similar algorithm, to get a deterministic hash of the contents of the Dataset.

Commercial Support

Commercial support for this library is available upon request from Digital Bazaar: support@digitalbazaar.com