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Task for #117, @buschfeld and @j0hj0h will coordinate.

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acka47 commented Jun 3, 2015

@buschfeld Can you please explain the "mouseoverdown" text. I guess it isn't supposed to be actually included in the UI. How should I understand this?


This meant to indicate that the all textlinks change their color - a common effect differentiating between two kind of situations: mousecursor is placed over the actual text links without clicking - then (usually just a short flashing kind of impression) another color change when the links is actually clicked.

Am 03.06.2015 um 15:30 schrieb Adrian Pohl:

@buschfeld Can you please explain the "mouseoverdown" text. I guess it isn't supposed to be actually included in the UI. How should I understand this?

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acka47 commented Jun 5, 2015

@buschfeld Got it. THanks for the explanation.


Columns should not change width on load.


Some screen mockups for

  • Popup-Layers over the map including limited statistics
  • various contents in the right column which might be linked between each other by keywords
    -- Articles
    -- Country Stats
    -- Country Champion
    -- Missing Country Champion
    -- Project (including Image-Gallery [v03])
  • As for the country view this contains various modules that can be arranged as scrollable content and according to features that have been already implemented, i.e. pos.1: country champion shortcut, pos. 2: statistics, pos 3: teaser of all available articles, pos.4: etc.

oer_14_demo_map_project gallery


ToDos @j0hj0h

  • Adapt layout proposals for right column for stories
    -- includes reduce size of img area and H1 / H2 Headlines
  • Change Navi- and Slogan Font to "Clear Sans" or "Open Sans"
  • Change Logo-Design according to current version
  • Exchange PIN-color to Header-BG-Blue = Hex 244267 (or similar to)
  • Add 1px white border to Pins
  • Create and idd favico based on logo
  • slightly reduce and adapt font-size of pre-entry in textsearch
  • include footer with CC-BY-Logo

Include a link to our GIT system in the header beneath the other links to facebook etc.

j0hj0h commented Jul 9, 2015

@buschfeld: we tried the all-caps titles, but due to the huge number of acronyms the readability is much better with normal case. So we'll go with that.


@j0hj0h Could you take a look if all of this is implemented and tag the task with "Review" if so? Thanks!

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