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This part provides the SkoHub core infrastructure, setting up basic inboxes for subjects plus the ability of subscribing to push notifications for those inboxes.

Basic setup:

$ git clone
$ cd skohub-pubsub
$ npm install
$ npm test
$ npm start

Start the publisher, take a note of the $address and $port to provide a valid topic URL in the next step below:

$ node src/publisher.js http://localhost:3000/hub http://localhost:3000/inbox

Start the subscriber, subscribing to a publisher topic URL (the $address and $port from above) and a random path:

$ node src/subscriber.js http://localhost:3000/hub http://$address:$port/some/random/path

Send a notification to the hub and see it logged by the subscriber:

$ curl "localhost:3000/inbox?target=http://$address:$port/some/random/path" \
-H "Content-Type: application/ld+json" \
-d '{"foo": "bar"}'

Also, try to notify the hub with a slightly different topic (e.g. http://$address:$port/another/random/path) - see the subscriber logging nothing.

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