Slides for the Linked Open Development Workshop at SWIB16:
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This repo contains slides for the "Linked Open Development Workshop" offered by @fsteeg and @acka47 at SWIB16 and it also functions as the central place to collect issues regarding the preparation of the workshop.

Abstract: Linked Open Development Workshop

Fabian Steeg / Adrian Pohl (Hochschulbibliothekszentrum NRW (hbz) )

Increasingly, software in libraries (Software in Bibliotheken, SWIB) is developed as open source software by distributed communities in what could be described as linked open development (LOD). This workshop will introduce you to this way of developing software, its tools, and processes. It will empower you to both set up your own development projects in this way, and contribute to existing projects. Workshop topics are distributed version control basics, open source development workflows, markdown for issues and documentation and workflow visualization with Kanban boards. The current center of the open source community, both in the library world and beyond, is GitHub, a social network for software development. In different exercises, the workshop will introduce you to managing your source code with git, to tracking your issues on GitHub, to integrated development and review tools like Travis CI and Waffle boards, and to using the GitHub API for programmatic access to your data.

Audience: developers and librarians involved in software projects; no previous experience needed; requirements: laptop with git, a modern web browser and text editor installed.