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Basic templates for new OCaml projects
OCaml Makefile
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Templates for starting a new OCaml project

A handful of templates for starting a new OCaml project


  • opam
  • m4 if you don't have it
    • macOS: brew install m4
    • Ubuntu 16.04 (and likely others): sudo apt install m4

Getting setup


# Install basic deps
brew install opam m4


# Install basic deps
sudo apt install opam m4


# Initialize opam with the latest version of OCaml, answering "yes" to the
# prompts if you want opam to modify your shell environment.
opam init --compiler=4.05.0

# Setup your environment variables
eval $(opam config env)

# Install the libraries and tools we need
opam install merlin ocp-indent odoc utop jbuilder \
             alcotest qcheck benchmark logs cmdliner

# Get hacking
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