The gem converts temperatures from one scale to another.
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Temperature Converter is a simple solution to convert temperatures from one scale to another.


Add gem temperature_conversion_bl to your Gemfile and then run bundle install or run gem install temperature_conversion_bl.

Supported Scales

  • Kelvin
  • Fahrenheit
  • Celsius


To use the gem you must require it in the file you need it via require 'temperature_conversion'.

Conversion Process

  # When creating a new TemperatureConverter object it takes one arguemnt which is the scale you will be
  # converting from. In this example all of the temperatures will be converted from Celsius.
  # The argument must me in lower case.
  temp_converter ='celsius')

  # To convert a temperature to another scale just call the convert temperature method on TemperatureConverter object.
  # The first arguement is the scale you will be converting to and the second arguement is the temperature that needs to
  # converted into the new scale.
  temp_converter.convert_temperature('fahrenheit', 32)

Report Bug Or Request An Enhancement.

Just open up an issue in this repo to report a bug or submit a feature request.

Want To Contribute?

Just clone the repository, create a new branch, make your changes, and submit a Pull Request.

  • run test before submitting a pull request rake test
  • new featues must have corresponding tests to validate the changes


MIT License.