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Adds kinetic smooth scrolling (like MacOS, iOS and Android) to Brackets for devices and/or operating systems that don't support it natively.


Only tested in sprint 34. If it works for you on an earlier version, please let me know so I can update the package.json file accordingly.

As of now, the scroll parameters are still hard coded and work well on my linux desktop with a microsoft optical mouse and on my linux laptop. If you need different parameters, it should be fairly straightforward to edit them in the main.js file. In the future, if there is enough interest I can add some menu options or some gui to change the scroll parameters (contributions are very welcome :D)

Install via URL

File > Install Extension

Paste into Extension URL field

Alternative Install

Download zip and extract into arbitrary directory (or clone source files), then move the folder to the extensions folder (you can open this folder by clicking "Help > Show Extensions Folder" menu).