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Wormula is a formula/condition parser that compiles the formulas to webassembly for execution. It is intended to be used in similar situations as a WHERE clause in SQL statements would be used, i.e. where you parse a term once and evaluate it often.

Instantiating wormula has a few seconds overhead, due to AOT compilation of wasmer. See below for more details. wormula is probably most useful in situations where the same formula must be applied many times.

Contributions are welcome!


This project is in its earliest stage.

What works:

Operators: ==, !=, and, or Data types: f64, strings and regexes.

Currently, the performance is not well at all. For each evaluation of a compiled formula, multiple function calls need to be made. It may be more feasible to let the formula evaluator operate on arrays to minimize the overhead of calling to and communicating with the webassembly runtime.

Build dependencies

You need to initialize and checkout the submodules:

git submodule init git submodule update

You need the wasm32-unknown-unknown compilation target to build the runtime library wormrtl:

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown


Simply run "cargo build" after you have read the "build dependencies" section.

Example formulas

Compare a number:

i == 1000000

Compare a string:

license == "MIT"

Compare a regex and a number: name == /^Y/ and age == 48


As an example, we compile the formula "iterations == 1000000" and subsequently run its evaluation in a loop, incrementing the variable "iterations" and break the loop once the formula returns true. (performance measuring code is omitted for clarity)

// AOT compile the wasm runtime
let mut context = Context::new();
// define variables the formula has access to
let formula = "iterations == 0 or iterations == 1000000";
// parse the formula
let f1 = parse(formula).unwrap().1;
// compile the formula to webassembly
let cf1 = context.compile(&f1);
// AOT compile and instantiate the formula
let if1 = cf1.instantiate();
let mut i = 0.0;
// Get a reference to the variable by string key
let mut v = if1.get_variable("iterations").unwrap();
loop {
    i += 1.0;
    if {

The following output is generated:

Compiling the wormula runtime library
Took 1048 ms
Parsing the formula "iterations == 1000000"
0 ms. AST: Eq(Variable("iterations"), Float(1000000.0))
Compiling formula+RTL
2 ms. Instantiating formula
0 ms. Running a loop until the formula returns true...
Did 1000000 iterations in 2462 ms.

Implementation notes

Instantiating a wormula instance takes a few seconds, as wasmer JIT/AOT compiles the wormula runtime library to machine code. The wormula RTL is also written in rust and makes much use of rust's standard libraries.

Ironically, due to the use of wasmer to AOT compile the webassembly part, it is currently not possible to use this library for wasm targets. This will require the communication between rust and javascript. It is planned to add support at some point for this.


Simple formula parser: parse once, evaluate often







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