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-Welcome to Zotonic
+Welcome to Zotonic [![Build Status](](
-[![Flattr this git repo](](
-Here are some starting points for your journey with Zotonic.
-When you want to install Zotonic, please read the file "doc/INSTALL".
-When you want to proxy Zotonic using nginx, then check also the file
-"doc/INSTALL.nginx" for an example site definition. Similarly,
-doc/INSTALL.varnish shows how to put Zotonic behind the varnish http
+Zotonic is a CMS.
+It is written in Erlang.
+It is extensible with modules.
+It is pretty fast.
+You can find more about Zotonic on
-When you want to read the source, then start with
-"src/zotonic_sup.erl" and work your way down using the servers defined
-in there. After you have an idea what is what. Then check the
-modules to see how they implement all the functionality, start with
+**Installation** instructions are at:
+**Documentation** can be found at:
-Sites live in priv/sites/*. Their templates are in organized in
-subfolders. For the templates of the default site, look in
+**EDoc** is at:
-After that, start to scan the modules to see how templates, actions,
-resources and css/javascript are defined. Especially the module
-"mod_base" is of interest as it defines all basic functionality which
-other modules build upon. From there continue with "mod_admin" and
-see how it defines the admin interface, start with the webmachine
-resources to see which template is used by which resource.
+[![Flattr this git repo](](
-Another useful source of information is the module
-"src/install/z_install.erl", this erlang module contains the base SQL
-datamodel. Check also "src/install/z_install_data.erl" as it defines
-a basic set of predicates, categories and whatnot.
-Thank you and have fun with Zotonic.
-Tim Benniks, Arjan Scherpenisse & Marc Worrell

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