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\newcommand{\CS}{C\nolinebreak\hspace{-.05em}\raisebox{.6ex}{\scriptsize\bf \#}}
\name{H.\,Chase Stevens}
\address{+44 771 966 3016 |}
\textit{Software Engineer} at \textbf{Skyscanner, Ltd.} \hfill August 2013 - Present
\item Maintained and developed business-critical web scraping and deep-linking platform and associated framework, parsing over 8 GB/s of data to serve \textgreater 3000 requests/second
\item Leveraged NLP and machine learning techniques to deliver browser-based, point-and-click tool for automatic generation of web scrapers
\item Spearheaded and co-authored Selenium WebDriver-based browser automation and web scraper framework in Python
\item Created AST-based tooling allowing real-time analysis, manipulation, generation, and automated quality assurance of code in multi-million line legacy codebase
\textit{Intern, Data Acquisition} at \textbf{Skyscanner, Ltd.} \hfill May 2013 - August 2013
\item Developed, maintained, and ensured accuracy of revenue-driving web scrapers
\textit{Quality Assurance Engineer Intern} at \textbf{CashStar, Inc.} \hfill June 2011 - August 2011
\item Ensured adherence of consumer-facing products to quality standards
\item Developed custom CMS to manage client requirements and specifications
\textbf{University of Edinburgh}: \textit{MSc.\ Artificial Intelligence} \hfill 2015 - 2016\\
Specialism in Natural Language Processing \\
Dissertation: \textit{\href{}{Applying Statistical Language Modeling to Genetic Programming}}\\[5pt]
\textbf{University of Edinburgh}: \textit{MA Hons.\ Cognitive Science} \hfill 2011 - 2015\\
First-class honours\\
Dissertation: \textit{\href{}{Understanding Referential Coordination as a Particle Swarm Optimization Task}}
\item Code: Python, Haskell, Matlab, Java
\item Data: XPath, Protobuf, Hadoop, Kafka
\item Test: Selenium WebDriver, Hypothesis, Pytest
\item Build/Deployment: Docker, AWS, TeamCity, RPM, Ansible
\item Tooling: PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook, Visual Studio, SVN, Git
\textbf{2015}. Stevens, H. C. \& Rohde, H. ``Modeling Referential Coordination as a Particle Swarm Optimization Task." The 19th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue. Gothenburg, Sweden.
\item \href{}{xpyth}: construction of XPath queries using native Python comprehension syntax
\item \href{}{astpath}: command-line utility/library for searching Python codebases via AST queries
\item \href{}{showast}: Jupyter Notebook plugin for AST visualization; used in computer science curriculum at Bryn Mawr College
\begin{tabular}{@{}l l}
April 2015 & \textit{Edinburgh Award} \linebreak \\[5pt]
February 2013 & \textit{\href{}{University of Edinburgh Smart Data Hack} ``Community App Award''}\linebreak\\[1pt]
&\textit{for \href{}{SaferRoute} (Team Leader)} \linebreak \\[5pt]
May 2012 & \textit{\href{}{University of Edinburgh INF1-OP} ``Best Project (Experienced)'' for} \linebreak \\[1pt]
&\textit{\href{}{StratLoc}} \linebreak \\[5pt]
Spring 2011 & \textit{Class of 2011 Valedictorian, The New School, Kennebunk} \\[5pt]
Spring 2010 & \textit{National Merit Scholar Finalist} \\[5pt]