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zsh automatic complete-word and list-choices

Originally incr-0.2.zsh
Incremental completion for zsh
by y.fujii <y-fujii at>

Thank you very much y.fujii!

Adapted by Takeshi Banse <>
I want to use it with menu selection.

To use this,
1) source this file.
% source auto-fu.zsh
2) establish `zle-line-init' containing `auto-fu-init' something like below.
% zle-line-init () {auto-fu-init;}; zle -N zle-line-init
3) use the _oldlist completer something like below.
% zstyle ':completion:*' completer _oldlist _complete
(If you have a lot of completer, please insert _oldlist before _complete.)
4) establish `zle-keymap-select' containing `auto-fu-zle-keymap-select'.
% zle -N zle-keymap-select auto-fu-zle-keymap-select
(This enables the afu-vicmd keymap switching coordinates a bit.)
*Optionally* you can use the zcompiled file for a little faster loading on
every shell startup, if you zcompile the necessary functions.
*1) zcompile the defined functions. (generates ~/.zsh/auto-fu.zwc)
% A=/path/to/auto-fu.zsh; (zsh -c "source $A ; auto-fu-zcompile $A ~/.zsh")
*2) source the zcompiled file instead of this file and some tweaks.
% source ~/.zsh/auto-fu; auto-fu-install
*3) establish `zle-line-init' and such (same as a few lines above).
It is approximately *(6~10) faster if zcompiled, according to this result :)
0.041 ( source ./auto-fu.zsh; )
0.004 ( source ~/.zsh/auto-fu; auto-fu-install; )

The auto-fu features can be configured via zstyle.

    A highlight specification used for user input string.
    A highlight specification used for completion string.
    A highlight specification used for completion string if it is the
    only one candidate.
    An initial indication string for POSTDISPLAY in auto-fu-init.
    If set, POSTDISPLAY will be cleared after the accept-lines.
    'yes' by default.
    A list of zle widget names the automatic complete-word and
    list-choices to be triggered after its invocation.
    Only with ALL in 'enable', the 'disable' style has any effect.
    ALL by default.
    A list of zle widget names you do *NOT* want the complete-word to be
    triggered. Only used if 'enable' contains ALL. For example,
      zstyle ':auto-fu:var' enable all
      zstyle ':auto-fu:var' disable magic-space
    yields; complete-word will not be triggered after pressing the
    space-bar, otherwise automatic thing will be taken into account.
    A list of keymap names to *NOT* be treated as a keymap change.
    In other words, these keymaps cannot be used with the standalone main
    keymap. For example "opp". If you use my opp.zsh, please add an 'opp'
    to this zstyle.
    A list of patterns to *NOT* be treated as auto-stuff appropriate.
    These patterns will be tested against the part of the command line
    buffer as shown on the below figure:
    (*) is used to denote the cursor position.
      # nocorrect aptitude --assume-*yes -d install zsh && echo ready
    - To disable auto-stuff inside single and also double quotes.
      And less than 3 chars before the cursor.
      zstyle ':auto-fu:var' autoable-function/skipwords \
        "('|$'|")*" "^((???)##)"
    - To disable the rm's first option, and also after the '(cvs|svn) co'.
      zstyle ':auto-fu:var' autoable-function/skiplbuffers \
        'rm -[![:blank:]]#' '(cvs|svn) co *'
    - To disable after the 'aptitude word '.
      zstyle ':auto-fu:var' autoable-function/skiplines \
        '([[:print:]]##[[:space:]]##|(#s)[[:space:]]#)aptitude [[:print:]]# *'
    A list of functions to be called whether auto-stuff appropriate or not.
    These functions will be called with the arguments (above figure)
      - $1 '--assume-'
      - $2 'aptitude'
      - $3 'aptitude --assume-'
      - $4 'aptitude --assume-yes -d install zsh'
    For example,
    to disable some 'perl -M' thing, we can do by the following zsh codes.
      afu-autoable-pm-p () { [[ ! ("$2" == 'perl' && "$1" == -(#i)m*) ]] }
      # retrieve default value into 'preds' to push the above function into.
      local -a preds; afu-autoable-default-functions preds
      zstyle ':auto-fu:var' autoable-function/preds $preds
    The afu-autoable-dots-p is actually an example of this ability to skip
    uninteresting dots.
    A predicate function to determine whether auto-stuff could be
    appropriate. (Default `auto-fu-default-autoable-pred' implements the
    above autoablep-function/* functionality.)
Configuration example

zstyle ':auto-fu:highlight' input bold
zstyle ':auto-fu:highlight' completion fg=black,bold
zstyle ':auto-fu:highlight' completion/one fg=white,bold,underline
zstyle ':auto-fu:var' postdisplay $'
zstyle ':auto-fu:var' track-keymap-skip opp
#zstyle ':auto-fu:var' disable magic-space

XXX: use with the error correction or _match completer.
If you got the correction errors during auto completing the word, then
plese do _not_ do `magic-space` or `accept-line`. Insted please do the
following, `undo` and then hit <tab> or throw away the buffer altogether.
This applies _match completer with complex patterns, too.
I'm very sorry for this annonying behaviour.
(For example, 'ls --bbb' and 'ls --*~^*al*' etc.)

XXX: ignoreeof semantics changes for overriding ^D.
You cannot change the ignoreeof option interactively. I'm verry sorry.

TODO: play nice with zsh-syntax-highlighting.
TODO: pause auto stuff until something happens. ("next magic-space" etc)
TODO: signal handling during the recursive edit.
TODO: handle empty or space characters.
TODO: cp x /usr/loc
TODO: region_highlight vs afu-able-p → nil
Do *NOT* clear the region_highlight if it should.
TODO: ^C-n could be used as the menu-select-key outside of the menuselect.
TODO: *-directories|all-files may not be enough.
TODO: recommend zcompiling.
TODO: undo should reset the auto stuff's state.
TODO: when `_match`ing,
sometimes extra <TAB> key is needed to enter the menu select,
sometimes is *not* needed. (already be entered menu select state.)


fix some options potentially will be reset during the auto-stuff.
fix afu-keymap+widget to $afu_zles work in custom widgets.
Thank you very much for the reports, Christian271!

play nice with banghist.
Thank you very much for the report, yoshikaw!
add autoablep-function machinery.
Thank you very much for the suggestion, tyru and kei_q!

Fix not work auto-thing without extended_glob.
Thank you very much for the report, myuhe!

add auto-fu-activate, auto-fu-deactivate and auto-fu-toggle.

in afu+complete-word PAGER=<TAB> ⇒ PAGER=PAGER= bug fix.
Thank you very much for the report, tyru!

afu+complete-word bug fixes.


add completion/one and postdisplay/clearp configurations.
add kill-word and yank to afu_zles.

Fix "no such keymap `isearch'" error.
Thank you very much for the report, mooz and Shougo!

Fix `parameter not set`. Thank you very much for the report, Shougo!
Bug fix.

afu+complete-word bug (directory vs others) fix.

afu+complete-word bug fixes.

Teach ^D and magic-space.

Add configuration option and auto-fu-zcompile for a little faster loading.

Documentation typo fix.

Initial version.
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