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jquery.cookie is a simple extension for jquery to manage your cookies.

How to use

You can get access to your cookie value by name using


You can set cookies by calling

$.cookie('cookie_name', 'cookie_value');

If you want to set few cookies, you can use

$.cookie('cookie_name', 'cookie_value').cookie('another_cookie', 'another_cookie_value');

If you need to specify additional params like cookie lifetime, domain, path, sucure, you can pass them direclty after the cookie value like this:

    'cookie_name',  // cookie name
    'cookie_value', // cookie value
    180,            // cookie duration in seconds
    'example.com',  // cookie domain
    '/',            // cookie path
    false           // cookie secure

You can get all cookies in array with names of cookies as keys just by calling:


To remove cookie with specified name just use


or remove all cookies with