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u01: storm sails
u02: ordinary sails
u03: braking with sails
u04: beginning of luffing
u05: end of luffing
u06: overtaking
u07: beginning of veering
u08: end of veering
u09: sailing on the right edge of the trail
z01: strong wind
z02: ship nearby
z03: broad reach
z04: wind from the bow
z05: narrow passage
y01: drift
y02: fixed course
y03: low speed
y04: travel in the wind direction
y05: travel in the opposite direction to the wind
x01: danger
x02: big tilt
x03: risk of collision
F01: If ((not x01) and (not z05)) then (u06).
F02: y04 xor y05.
F03: u06 xor y01.
F04: If ( u06 ) then (not y03).
F05: If ( not x03 ) then (y02).
F06: If (x02) then (y03).
F07: u04 xor u05 xor u07 xor u08 xor y02.
F08: If (u04) then (y04).
F09: If (u05) then (y05).
F10: If (u07) then (y05).
F11: If (u08) then (y04).
F12: If (u03) then (y03).
F13: If ((z03) and (u02)) then (not y03).
F14: If ((z05) and (x01)) then (y03).
F15: If (z05 and z01) then x01.
F16: u02 xor u01 xor y01.
F17: If ((x03) and (u09)) then (y02).
F18: If ((not z04) and ((u02) or (u01 ))) then (y04).
F19: If ( (z04) and ((u02) or (u01 )) ) then (y05).
F20: If ((x03) or (x02)) then (x01).
F21: z03 xor z04.
F22: If (u04) then (x02).
F23: If (z05 and z02) then x03.