Exercise Github forking

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In order to do this exercise, you must have created a github account already and setup your SSH keys (follow the tutorial here).

Get the code

Our first exercise will have you create a fork of our bootcamp-git repository. This will give you your own copy of our repository under your github account, and you'll be able to modify this repository as you wish (you don't have access to modify our hcs/bootcamp-git repository).

To create your own fork:

  1. Go to https://github.com/hcs/bootcamp-git
  2. Click the Fork button in the top-right corner. After a few moments, you should be redirected to your own copy of our bootcamp-git repository! fork
  3. To get a local copy of this repository, look at the bottom right of the screen for SSH clone URL. It should have this format: git@github.com:USERNAME/bootcamp-git.git. Copy that link. clone url
  4. In a terminal on your computer, run this command: git clone git@github.com:USERNAME/bootcamp-git.git

And now you should have your copy of our repository!

Finish Bootcamp

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