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Exercise Resolving Merge Conflicts

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To simulate a merge conflict as if you were working with a partner, we have already created a branch called origin/merge-exercise in your repository when you cloned it. Run these commands:

git checkout master
git merge origin/merge-exercise

You should see the following output:


Run git status to see what files need to be merged:


Open up the conflicting file dog.c in a text editor. You should see a bunch of weird markers like >>>, ===, and <<<.


Everything between the <<<<< HEAD and ===== are YOUR local changes. Everything between the ==== and >>>> origin/merge-exercise are the REMOTE's changes (e.g. your partner's).

To fix a merge conflict, simply edit the file until it looks the way you want it to. This means removing all the >>>, ===, and <<< markers, and then save the file. This is how I resolved my conflict, but you may resolve yours differently.


Once you've edited and saved the file:

git add dog.c
git commit -m "merged my dogs"

TADA! You're done! Take a look at your git history now: git lg


You'll noticed that the two separate branches have now merged together with your merged my dogs commit. Now push your commits to github and you're done with the exercise!

git push origin master

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