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Exercise Programming

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Go into the exercises-more directory. You should see and Open up You should see problems and several functions that return dummy values right now.

To run all the tests:


You should see a whole bunch of failures. To run a specific test, run this command:

python -m unittest tests.TestNumWords

where you can replace TestNumWords with anything that has the class keyword before it in (e.g. TestNumWords, TestSumList, TestAppears, etc.). These will run tests for the corresponding function in

Your goal is to finish all the functions in and to make all these tests pass. Once all the tests pass, you should see this output when you run python

Ran 29 tests in 0.002s


IMPORTANT Each time you finish one problem, make sure to snapshot your work! Run these commands, where you replace XXX with your problem number.

git commit -am "finished problem XXX"
git push origin master

Checking your pull request

Go to main pull requests page and find your pull request. If you have been following our git directions correctly, your pull request should be updated to include all your solutions to the the problems.

When you are done, leave a comment "DONE!!!!!!" to let us know that you're finished! We will use this pull request to provide feedback on your code.

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