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Exercise Spell Checker

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Spell Checker

Go into the exercises-spellchecker directory. This exercise is inspired by CS50's spell checker problem set, and this will make you appreciate the power of python's builtin capabilities, especially data structures.

Open up the file and fill out the functions. We will represent an English dictionary using a Python set. See the various answers here for how to read the contents from a file.

When you are done:

python dictionaries/large texts/alice.txt

You should get output that looks like this:

... lots of words ...
dictionary size: 143091
num misspelled: 303
num unique: 142
time (s): 0.223283

Commit your work and push it to your repository:

git commit -am "finished spell checker"
git push origin master

Checking your pull request

Go to main pull requests page and find your pull request. If you have been following our git directions correctly, your pull request should be updated to include all your solutions to the problems.

When you are done, leave a comment "DONE!!!!!!" to let us know that you're finished! We will use this pull request to provide feedback on your code.

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