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HCS Bootcamp: Introduction to UNIX

By Kenny Yu


In order to start this bootcamp, you must:

  • Setup your environment, using directions from here. In particular, you must have a UNIX environment (e.g. Mac OS X, Ubuntu, CS50 Appliance, NOT Windows), and you must have git installed
  • Create a github account, and fill out this survey


Welcome to your first real HCS bootcamp! We'll break down this bootcamp into multiple stages. If you feel more comfortable, feel free to jump ahead!

First, let's get the code (execute these commands in a terminal):

git clone git://
cd bootcamp-unix

Also, take a look at the associated slides:

  1. Part 1: Intro to UNIX
  2. Part 2: Shell Scripts


  1. UNIX and the command line
  2. stdin, stdout, stderr, pipes
  3. Exercise: Scavenger hunt and Solutions.
  4. Shell scripts
  5. Exercise: Building the scraper!
  6. Exercise: Mail Merge