Convert AudioKinetic Wwise RIFF/RIFX Vorbis to standard Ogg Vorbis
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Audiokinetic Wwise RIFF/RIFX Vorbis to Ogg Vorbis converter by hcs


Standard usage is just

ww2ogg input.bin

which will convert input.bin to input.ogg.

You can also specify an output file with -o, as in

ww2ogg input.ogg -o output.ogg


  • If the conversion seemed to go well but you get a nonsense output file

    • first try setting the alternate packed codebooks:

      ww2ogg input.ogg --pcb packed_codebooks_aoTuV_603.bin

    • then try also setting --no-mod-packets:

      ww2ogg input.ogg --no-mod-packets --pcb packed_codebooks_aoTuV_603.bin

    • You can try other combinations of --pcb, --no-mod-packets, and --mod-packets, but these are the common ones that work.

  • Parse error: expected 0x42 fmt if vorb missing suggests that the input is not Vorbis data at all, and so it is not supported by this program.

  • Error opening packed_codebooks.bin means the ww2ogg couldn't find the packed_codebooks.bin file that comes with the program. Either run ww2ogg in the same working directory as packed_codebooks.bin, or give the path with the --pcb switch

    other_dir/ww2ogg input.ogg --pcb other_dir/packed_codebooks.bin

  • Parse error: invalid codebook id 0x342, try --full-setup

    follow the suggestion and use --full-setup


It is a good idea to run the output through revorb to get smaller, cleaner files than ww2ogg generates currently.