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The extensible top panel for Wayland forked from wingpanel. Hybridbar is an empty container that accepts indicators as extensions, including the applications menu. Individual indicators are located in this repository under the indicators directory.

Supported Wayland compositors are : Wayfire, Sway, River, labwc, Mir, Kwin(kde), Liri Shell and pretty much any other compositor that supports wlr-layer-shell. Gnome is not supported and probably won't be.

Here is a screenshot of it running on Wayfire: Screenshot

There was already a fork of wingpanel here which worked on wayland, however this one removes all elementary os specific dependencies (such as granite, libgala, switchboard, appstore, libplank) so that it can be easly used on a non-patheon wm.

Building Hybridbar

You'll need the following dependencies:

Run meson to configure the build environment and then ninja to build

meson build --prefix=/usr
ninja -C build

To install, use ninja install then execute with hybridbar

sudo ninja -C build install

Note this will only compile an empty bar, indicators have to be compiled manually, see below how

Building Indicators

To build indicators there is a custom build script to do it all at once, otherwise you have to compile them manually, note that some indicators have extra dependencies not listed above

cd indicators
./ --prefix=/usr

There are currently 6 indicators all forked from elementary os indicators, those include: applications menu. sound widget, calendar/clock, network applet, session manager and system tray(which currently does not seem to work under wayland, PRs welcome)


Change settings using dconf-editor or gsettings Examples with gsettings:

gsettings set com.github.hcsubser.hybridbar use-transparency false

To turn of transparency.

gsettings set com.github.hcsubser.hybridbar.calendar menu-command [command]
gsettings set menu-command [command]
gsettings set com.github.hcsubser.hybridbar.sound menu-command [command]

To set the command used when you click on the Settings... button of the corresponding widget.

gsettings set com.github.hcsubser.hybridbar.session logout [command]
gsettings set com.github.hcsubser.hybridbar.session shutdown [command]
gsettings set com.github.hcsubser.hybridbar.session reboot [command]

To change actions corresponding to each button, if you use systemd there is no need to change, defaults will work.

I will eventually make a GUI for these settings but for now this will do it. There are some extra settings with formatting for clock, check them out using dconf-editor.


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