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This is the repository for FullCart - Google Play

Food shopping doesn't have to be complicated. With FullCart you can create, manage and customise shopping lists and pantries to make your life easier.

With a beautiful, easy to use interface and absolutely no ads, FullCart is the shopping list solution for you.

Shopping lists

Create simple shopping lists using categories and quantities. Quickly search for items you have added in the past to speed up the process of making a full shopping list.


Manage food you've bought with pantries. Either move over items from your shopping lists or create them from scratch, specifying as much or as little information as you want.

Set use by dates on items and help end the trend towards food waste by getting notifications before things need to be used.

We hope you enjoy your experience using FullCart!

We are constantly working on improvements for the app. If you have any feature requests, bugs to report or design/usability ideas feel free to send us an email, either from here or in the app's settings.


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