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a place for artist hackers and developers


Share your sketches, links, code, videos, all in centralized location that ties into github, sourceforge, stackoverflow, etc... but also has a focus on the final piece being created from the process.


My thesis deals with the process of creating a work that is beyond general knowledge; by creating I hope to organize my repos, images, and videos in a logical way so that others may easily mimic the pattern and be able to use more naturally. By using github in conjunction with youtube/google+ I have been able to document with specific time, location, and comments of my progress along the way of creating the installation "riverless walk".
I am collobrating with a graduate sculpture, Tom LaPann, on an installation that uses some of my software to display his ephemeral nature process based works. He is currently working on the documentation procedure. I am going to get him to use as an initial artist user.

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