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MESE-Next Telegram and WeChat Server

This is a chatbot server which runs a fan-made variant of MESE (Management and Economics Simulation Exercise) on Telegram and WeChat. @mese_bot is powered by this project.

This project is based on MESE-Next.


To run the server, you need:

  • Node.js 5.10+ and required packages
  • MESE-Next Engine binary
  • A Telegram bot token or a WeChat account for bot


The server itself does not need installation.

Before running the server, you may do the following steps:

  1. Clone this repository or download it;
  2. Install Node.js;
  3. Install NPM (Node.js Package Manager);
  4. Install required NPM packages: node-telegram-bot-api for Telegram, or wechat4u and qrcode-terminal for WeChat;
  5. Make sure that MESE-Next Engine is in the same directory as the server's, and give it execution permission (chmod +x);
  6. Edit config.js if you want to change some configurations.

To run the server for Telegram:

  1. Put your bot token in token in the same directory as the server's;
  2. Run using Node.js.

To run the server for WeChat:

  1. Login the WeChat account on your phone;
  2. Run main.wx.js using Node.js;
  3. Scan the QR Code shown on the terminal;
  4. Authorize the Web WeChat session.


MESE-Next Telegram and WeChat Server - Copyright (C) 2015-2017 hczhcz

This project is only distributed in GitHub and MESE China Group, and released without any warranty. This distribution is not under any public license. Commercial use and redistribution outside GitHub are not allowed without the author's permission. Please contact @hczhcz if you need a licensed version.

MESE-Next Engine

MESE-Next Engine in this repository is released without any warranty or copyright guarantee. Please use at your own risk.