Interactive teaching platform that connects teachers and students outside of the classroom.
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Q&A is an education-focused app that provides a platform for students to get their questions answered when they're not in class. Students can submit questions to a live queue and they'll be connected to a teacher in a video classroom, which includes educational tools such as a live whiteboard, code and text editor.

This app was built during a two-week sprint as the capstone project for four students at Fullstack Academy in Chicago. The project requirements were to create a prototype application that incorporated web technologies learned during the program, as well as new technologies we were interested in exploring. We decided to work with WebRTC and WebSockets to create a learning platform designed for real-time collaboration.

Tech Talk Presentation

Q&A Demo Video

Live Demo

Login credentials

Username Password test test

These credentials will work with the deployed application and a local install.

Getting started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. You'll need:

  • Node.js
  • PSQL


  • npm install
  • Create two PostgreSQL databases: capstone and capstone-test
  • npm run seed
  • npm run start-dev
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8080/


  • React - JavaScript library for building user interfaces
  • Redux - front-end state management
  • WebRTC - open-source APIs that provide browsers and apps with real-time communication
  • - library for real-time communication between server and client
  • Express - web framework for Node
  • Sequelize - an ORM for database queries
  • PostgreSQL - object-relational database management system


Link to Demo Video