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Processing Nine Block Kilt Patterns (and more)

This is an implementation of the Nine Block Pattern ( )in for live visuals. Oh.. wait... this how it go started and went quite far beyond that. The project started as visual identity for the Brussels based label parties.

You get an idea of how the thing might look there:


  • 2D pure vectorial opengl rending
  • extensible layer types
  • nine block pattern implementation
  • Sound/Beat Detection using minim FFT
  • Presets
  • external control window
  • full screen mode, 2nd screen detection
  • Launchpad Midi Control
  • OSC

It uses a bunch of Processing libraries :

Patterns runs with the libraries installed and stock Processing (tested against 2.1). However i recommend to use eclipse or any other more advanced Java editor to use Patterns due to the number of classes.

some old info :

copyright : feel free to use/fork/reuse/modify but please mention


Processing Nine Block Patterns and more



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