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import Distribution.Simple
import qualified System.Info
import Data.List
import Distribution.Simple.Utils
import Distribution.PackageDescription
import System.Exit
main = defaultMainWithHooks defaultUserHooks{preConf = conf, postConf = ok}
where ok _ _ _ _ = return ExitSuccess
conf args flags =
do config <- if isWindows
then do putStrLn "On Windows -- using odbc32"
return (emptyBuildInfo {extraLibs = ["odbc32"]})
else do putStrLn "Not on Windows -- using odbc"
return (emptyBuildInfo {extraLibs = ["odbc"]})
writeHookedBuildInfo "HDBC-odbc.buildinfo" (Just config, [])
return (Just config, [])
where isWindows = isPrefixOf "mingw" System.Info.os
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