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all: setup
@echo "Please use Cabal to build this package; not make."
./setup configure
./setup build
setup: Setup.hs
ghc --make -package Cabal -o setup Setup.hs
install: setup
./setup install
-runghc Setup.hs clean
-rm -rf html `find . -name "*.o"` `find . -name "*.hi" | grep -v debian` \
`find . -name "*~" | grep -v debian` *.a setup dist testsrc/runtests \
local-pkg doctmp
-rm -rf testtmp/* testtmp*
.PHONY: test
test: test-ghc test-hugs
@echo ""
@echo "All tests pass."
test-hugs: setup
@echo " ****** Running hugs tests"
./setup configure -f buildtests --hugs --extra-include-dirs=/usr/lib/hugs/include
./setup build
runhugs -98 +o -P$(PWD)/dist/scratch:$(PWD)/dist/scratch/programs/runtests: \
test-ghc: setup
@echo " ****** Building GHC tests"
./setup configure -f buildtests
./setup build
@echo " ****** Running GHC tests"
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