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Add wrapper for 'runRaw' #19

merged 1 commit into from almost 2 years ago

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carlssonia Nicolas Wu

This fixes a bug I encountered because HDBC-sqlite3 overrides the default method for 'runRaw'. Without this patch, 'runRaw' on a sqlite3 connection behaves differently depending on if it's inside a 'ConnWrapper' or not.

Nicolas Wu zenzike merged commit 30343ef into from
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  1. +1 0  Database/HDBC/Types.hs
1  Database/HDBC/Types.hs
@@ -199,6 +199,7 @@ instance IConnection ConnWrapper where
199 199 disconnect w = withWConn w disconnect
200 200 commit w = withWConn w commit
201 201 rollback w = withWConn w rollback
  202 + runRaw w = withWConn w runRaw
202 203 run w = withWConn w run
203 204 prepare w = withWConn w prepare
204 205 clone w = withWConn w (\dbh -> clone dbh >>= return . ConnWrapper)

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