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This repository hosts a collection of custom gentoo ebuilds that I maintain for my private setup. The corresponding packages either did not yet find their way into the portage tree or the current portage tree version has something missing I needed. See the package comments below to get the details.

How to use these ebuilds

The preferred way to use this overlay is to add a file with the following content to your /etc/portage/repos.conf folder:

location = /usr/local/gentoo-extras-overlay           
sync-type = git                         
sync-uri =                
clone-depth = 0                         
auto-sync = yes

Alternatively you can use layman with the URL to subscribe to this overlay. Or you can clone the repository and add the path to your PORTDIR_OVERLAY variable manually. Please beware: I am running and hence tested these ebuilds against ~amd64 or ~arm64 and with my private setup. Use them at your own risk.

List of ebuilds

  • dev-db/influxdb: New build for InfluxDB metrics database (

  • net-misc/kea: Updated ebuild with DB backend support (MySQL, PostgreSQL).

  • www-apps/grafana: New ebuild for Grafana dashboard web app (

  • www-apps/phpsysinfo: Updated ebuild for the phpSysInfo script.