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Weskit is an template for use to start the development of web projects.
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The weskit project provides the basic infrastructure for a webproject using Gulp.


  1. NPM

  2. Gulp

npm i -g gulp


First of all, clone the repository with:

git clone

After you clone the repository, you should install the dependencies.

npm i

Basic Usage

There are two environments, app and www. The source code that will be developed by you should be contained in app. The www folder will contain only generated sources. If you edit something there, it'll be overwrited.

The gulp tasks bellow were explained bellow.

Compile all JavaScript bundles

It'll compile all JS bundles and provide them to www/js.

gulp js
  • Note 1: In order to add/edit the bundles, you must add/change the desired bundle in the object paths, located on the gulpfile.js.

  • Note 2: These "internal", "internal-critical" etc are boilerplate bundles. If you want to create a new bundle, just follow the same format provided.

  • Note 3: If a bundle is critical, suffix it with "-critical" in order to insert it directly in the HTML on production task (explained later).

  • Note 4: Each bundle will concat all JavaScript files. If order matters, add them to the bundle in the correct order.

  • Note 5: If the const MODE_PRODUCTION is setted as true, the code will be minified. If you don't want this behavior during development, set it as false.

  • Note 6: If you don't want to generate the sourcemaps, set skipSourcemapGeneration as true in the root of the bundle.

Compile all CSS Bundles

It'll generate the CSS Bundles as defined in gulpfile.js.

gulp css
  • Note: Follow the same rules of JS, explained above, but in www/css folder.

Compile all SASS Bundles

It'll compile all sass and generate their bundles as defined in gulpfile.js.

gulp sass
  • Note: Follow the same rules of JS, explained above, but in www/css folder.

Compile views

It'll minify all view files and provide them to www folder in the same structure that they're in app.

gulp views

Generate metadata

This task will copy the metadata files to the root of www folder.

gulp generate-metadata

Generate JSONs

It'll minify the json files and put them in www folder in the same structure that they're in app.

gulp jsons

Copy fonts

It'll copy font files to www/fonts folder.

gulp fonts

Copy sounds

It'll copy sound files to www/sounds folder.

gulp sounds

Copy videos

It'll copy video files to www/videos folder.

gulp videos

Copy images

It'll compress all images in app/images folder and provide them to www/images folder.

gulp images

Copy sprites

It'll generate a sprite with all images in app/images/sprites folder and provide them to www/images folder as sprite.png.

gulp sprites

Generate Icons

It'll generate icons in different resolutions for the icon file provided at app/images/pwa-icons folder and move them to www/pwa-icons suffixed by it's resolution (e.g.: icon-72x72.png).

gulp icons

Local Server (Browsersync, for development)

It Runs an instance of browser-sync accessible via http://localhost:3000/.

gulp server
  • Note 1: To access via other devices in same network, go into http://localhost:3001/ and use the External address.

  • Note 2: A watcher will be ran for JavaScript, Views, CSS, SASS and JSONs. If you change something in these files, their tasks will be executed.

Generate all assets

Execute all generation tasks.

gulp generate-all

Generate production

Inserts the critical code (JS/CSS) into the HTML and adds the Service Worker for cache handling.

gulp production
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