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Example client for the BullBear API.
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This is an example client endpoint written in python for receiving real-time updates from BullBear.

BullBear uses Amazon Simple Notification Service, SNS to send update, in real-time, for each processed document and for each commodity update.

You must have a webserver listening on some port for POST requests. This is easily achievable through a library like



Simply start the client webserver:


By default, it listens on port 8080. You can change that by giving the port as an argument on the command line.

Data format

BullBear sends JSON formated data. There are two endpoints:

  • the documents endpoint
  • the commodities endpoint

Document endpoint

The first will receive updates each time a document is analyzed. It contains information about the title, the URL, and the commodities mentionned in the document. The format of a document update is:

    'id': 'f90c28d4-f868-430d-867e-142e3c7ca143',
    'title': 'Today's Copper and Gold Outlook', 
    'entities': [
        {'key': 'copper', 'value': 100, 'nbull': 1, 'nbear': 0},
        {'key': 'gold', 'value': -100, 'nbull': 0, 'nbear': 1},
    'url': '',
    'source': '', 
    'published': '2011-11-24T19:51:54Z',
    'added': '2011-11-24T19:52:07Z', 
    'analyzed': '2011-11-24T19:52:11Z', 
    'author': 'Mr Author', 
    'leading': True, 
    'rights': 'Mr Author', 
    'acl': {
        'owner': 'rw', 
        'all': 'r'
    'clusters': [], 
    'status': 2, 

Most of the above fields should be self-explanatory.

Commodities endpoint

The second endpoint, commodities, receives updates each time a commodity is updated. It contains the bullbear index, the change, the frequency, etc.

The format of a commodity update is:

    'key': 'crude_oil',
    'name': 'Crude Oil',
    'depth': 1,
    'parent': 'energy',
    'latest': {
        'value': 67,
        'nbull': 24,
        'nbear': 2,
        'change': 1,
        'frequency': 3.5,
        'buzz': False,

The fields are:

  • key: the commodity key value, similar to the name but machine processable.
  • name: the name of the commodity.
  • depth: the depth of that commodity, in the overall commodity tree. Crude oil is under Energy, thus has a depth of 1. Energy would have a depth of 0.
  • parent: the parent commodity. Value 'top', means no parent.
  • value: the bullbear index: between -100 and +100.
  • nbull: the number of bull mentions in the last 20 documents
  • nbear: the number of bear mentions in the last 20 documents
  • change: the change of the bullbear index computed over the last 24 hours. Possible values are -1 means a negative trend, +1 means a positive trend, 0 means mostly stable.
  • frequency: the number of documents per hour received in the last 24 hours.
  • buzz: unused for now. Always False.
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