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This is a proof-of-concept online password manager.

I was asked by non-technical people for an easy to use password manager. I told them to have a look at LastPass, 1Password and others. However, they were either too expensive or too difficult to use. Even LastPass was much more than what they needed. Actually, what they wanted was:

  • a list of passwords, with username, title, url and maybe some tags
  • accessible from everywhere
  • realy easy-to-use
  • realy, realy simple

We all know that people need to invest in good password strategies, but most don't and they only have three passwords. They don't know about these horror stories.

I decided to try to build the simplest thing that could possibly work.

Understand that this is a proof-on-concept. It should not be used for storing real passwords. It surely contain blatant security holes.

I repeat: do not use it for storing real passwords.


GPL v3