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Today I realized I set up too many PHP web sites to do all that manually. My platform of choice is Nginx + PHP-FPM, so I wrote an installer to do the job for me.

Supported OS's

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It should probably work on older/later versions too, but you'd have to test it yourself.

Adding Debian support should be trivial and I'll do it when I get the time. We also need RHEL/CentOS support, which, if we are lucky, will only need modifying the script.


All configuration happens in the config.php file. You have to create that yourself by copying the config.php.example file as config.php and editing the settings inside. Here is how those look like:

# The HTTP host name (your domain)
define("HOST_NAME", "");

# The place where you store your scripts
define("WEB_ROOT", "/var/www/");

# The FastCGI app listen address
define("FASTCGI_APP", "");

# Permissions
define("PHP_USER", "www-data");
define("PHP_GROUP", "www-data");

Running it

Most of the installer is written in PHP, but you need the PHP interpreter in order to run it. That makes the installation a two-step process:

  • Installing the prerequisite packages by running
  • Running the installer: install.php.

To run those in a single command execute:

sudo ./ && sudo ./install.php

Adding extra packages

Every once in a while you'll need a package that the script doesn't install. Edit it manually to add that package. Then send me a pull request, if you feel others will likely need it too.

Further development

In the future we need to cover some of the most wanted features:

  • Debian support
  • CentOS support
  • SSL certificate configuration
  • Admin area: isolate a /admin location and password-protect it.