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My very own vim config
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Support typescript tags in tagbar

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Hristo Deshev authored
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after/plugin Added the Snipmate plugin (snippets!)
autoload Primitive identifier rename using subs in a region.
bundle vim-js-indent module
colors Upgrade to latest badwolf color scheme.
ftplugin Got rid of an unused ftplugin.
indent Comment fix. Duh!
nerdtree_plugin Updated NERDTree to the latest github master.
plugin QuickFixToggle plugin and shortcut
tmp UI improvements.
.gitignore Ignore the tmp (backup) folder.
.gitmodules vim-js-indent module
filetypes.vim Use vim-js-indent for typescript
gvim-remote.bat Initial import.
journal.vim My rudimentary journaling helpers.
python.vim python and projects
readme.txt Updated the readme.
shortcuts.vim Random updates.
tmux.vim Save all before running tests.
vimrc Support typescript tags in tagbar


Hristo Deshev's Vim configuration. Stuff I use:

 * PowerShell syntax, indent and ftype
 * NERDTree
 * bufexplorer
 * matchit

I prever to run Vim portable on Windows, so that I don't have to go through an installation on a new machine.

I "redirect" my default _vimrc/.vimrc to the one in ~/vimfiles/_vimrc by adding a single source call:

source ~/vimfiles/_vimrc
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