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A single-file C library providing Merlin transcripts.
C Rust
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A single-file C implementation of Merlin transcripts.

When finished, this repository will contain a portable single-file C implementation of the Merlin transcript and RNG API for use by C libraries.

More information about Merlin can be found in the documentation for the Rust implementation.

The build system for this library is Cargo and the test suite is written in Rust, calling the C implementation via FFI and performing conformance tests with the Rust implementation.

The intended way for a C project to use this library is to add this repo as a git submodule under e.g., contrib/merlin, then add contrib/merlin/src/merlin.c and contrib/merlin/src/merlin.h to that project's build system, as appropriate. The Rust test suite and Cargo configuration is thus ignored by the library consumers.

This implementation is derived from David Leon Gil's keccak-tiny.

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