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Down the Rabbit Hole

My entry to the Inf-1 FP competition, 2013.



A literate Haskell source file, Mandelbrot.lhs, containing all my code (and some prose!)

A .cabal file, enabling this to be built with cabal. It does have some dependencies, so I would recommend using cabal. It should just be a case of:

cabal configure
cabal build
./dist/build/mandelbrot/mandelbrot +RTS -N4 # or however many cores you
                                            # want to use

A directory, 'output', which is where any generated images will go if you run the program.

A directory, 'samples', which contains output from running the program. It also contains an animated GIF image, produced by stitching them all together.

-- Harry Garrood (s1308568)