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@@ -1,13 +1,10 @@
# redmine release notes
-**important: please read [this](
-before installing**
Do any of the following apply?
* You have to produce release notes for your projects
* You end up going through the roadmap issue by issue, writing release notes
- for each one, and it's a real pain
+ for each one, and you feel there's got to be a better way
* You wish it was easier to check whether all the release notes have been done
for a particular version
@@ -19,8 +16,7 @@ Just Redmine 2.1.0 or higher.
## features
-* Store release notes and release notes status (todo, done, not required) per
- issue.
+* Store release notes with each issue.
* See how close the release notes for a certain version are to being finished.
* Generate release notes for a particular version.
* Define templates for generated release notes.
@@ -37,60 +33,34 @@ Do the migrations.
rake redmine:plugins:migrate
-Load the default formats (optional, recommended). If you've been using 1.2.0,
-this will read your formats.yml and put them into the database (which is what
-you want).
+Load the default formats (optional, recommended). If you've been using earlier
+versions, this will read your formats.yml and put them into the database (which
+is what you want).
rake redmine:plugins:release_notes:load_default_formats
Restart redmine.
-## upgrading from 1.2.0
-As of 1.3.0, release notes status (ie, whether the release notes for an issue
-are done, still todo, or not required) are no longer stored as an issue custom
-field, but in the release notes table. This means that you need to get this
-information out of the issue custom field, and into the release notes table.
-The column is `release_notes.status` and the recognised values are `'todo'`,
-`'done'`, and `'not_required'`.
-This is probably the easiest way to go about it:
- UPDATE release_notes
- SET status = 'todo'
- WHERE issue_id IN (
- SELECT customized_id
- FROM custom_values
- WHERE customized_type = 'Issue'
- AND value = 'Todo' -- or whatever your configured 'todo' status is
- AND custom_field_id = 1 -- the ID of your release notes custom field
- );
-You'll need to run two more similar statements for `'done'` and
-`'not_required'` release notes.
## setup
Before you can use it, you need to:
+* Do first-time configuration (See Administration > Plugins > Redmine release
+ notes > Configure)
* Enable the release notes module for any relevant projects
* Enable release notes for the appropriate trackers
## use
Create release notes from the issue page; a section will appear under the
-description, allowing you to add release notes and also mark whether the
-release notes are done, todo, or not required.
+description, allowing you to add release notes. Use the issue custom field to
+mark whether the release notes are done, todo, or not required.
Once a version is nearing completion, click on the Release notes tab on the
project menu to see a list of versions (like the roadmap) together with a
progress bar, showing how many release notes are done, and how many are still
left to do.
-Chastise developers who haven't done their release notes by using the query
-filters on the issue list.
Once a version is complete, generate release notes from the same place. You can
also get the release notes raw:
@@ -1,6 +1,14 @@
release notes
+* Bug fixes
+* Use issue custom fields again (to avoid breaking issue queries)
+* Improved warnings when generating release notes
+* UI improvements
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
name 'Redmine release notes plugin'
author 'Harry Garrood'
description 'A plugin for managing release notes.'
- version '1.3.1-dev'
+ version '1.3.1-beta'
author_url ''
requires_redmine :version_or_higher => '2.1.0'

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