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Support Erlang's map type (coming in 17.0) #15

devinus opened this Issue · 4 comments

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No description provided.


Thanks, I'll investigate it.


@hdima I was wondering if you would want to combine efforts for the support of the Erlang binary term format in python and ruby. I have and which I like as a single module focused on Erlang binary term format encoding and decoding. I need to add MAP_EXT, ATOM_UTF8_EXT, and SMALL_ATOM_UTF8_EXT, but these changes would be better as a common dependency to avoid duplication of effort. I was planning on adding both modules to separate repositories which could help this effort.


@hdima I have modifications for MAP_EXT, ATOM_UTF8_EXT, and SMALL_ATOM_UTF8_EXT at and . I know tests are lacking, but it would be nice to consolidate efforts.


@okeuday Those packages on RubyGems and PyPI would go a long way. Simple an easy, which is just what I was looking for.

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