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" VIM 7 configuration file
" Maintainer: Dmitry Vasiliev <dima at hlabs dot org>
" URL:
" Last Change: 2012-02-23
" Not compatible with Vi
set nocompatible
" GUI options
if has("gui_running")
" Make gvim looks more like vim
set guioptions+=acghi
set guioptions-=e
set guioptions-=mrLtT
set guifont=DejaVu\ Sans\ Mono\ 9
" Disable pasting text on mouse middle button click
map <MiddleMouse> <Nop>
imap <MiddleMouse> <Nop>
map <2-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
imap <2-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
map <3-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
imap <3-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
map <4-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
imap <4-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
set columns=169
set lines=999
" Automatically insert comment character if we need to
set formatoptions+=ntcroq21
" Highlight and autocomplete search
set hlsearch
set incsearch
" Some automatic cursor moving
set autoindent
set nostartofline
" Don't make chaos on my display
set nowrap
set backspace=indent,eol,start
set nojoinspaces
" Some information is always good...
set showfulltag
set showcmd
set wildmode=list:longest
set laststatus=2
set statusline=%f%=\ %Y\ %c%V,%l/%L\ %P\ [%M%n%W]:%{tabpagenr()}/%{tabpagenr('$')}
" ...but not too much
set report=0
set shortmess+=asWAI
set showtabline=0
set noshowmode
set helpheight=12
set winminheight=0
set sidescroll=15
" Nice :list and :set list
set listchars=tab:>-,trail:.,extends:+,eol:$,precedes:+
set fillchars="vert: ,fold: "
" Fold options
set foldmethod=syntax
set foldnestmax=1
set nofoldenable
" Diff options
set diffopt=filler,context:3
set virtualedit=block
" Always save some info for next time
set history=100
set viminfo='100,h,%
set sessionoptions+=winpos
" Don't save options to session file - it's possibly buggy
set sessionoptions-=options
" Pretty select with mouse and shifted special keys
behave mswin
" ...but not reset selection with not-shifted special keys
set keymodel-=stopsel
set selection=inclusive
set number
set numberwidth=4
set wildignore=*.swp,*.swo,*.beam,*.pyc,*.*~
" Turn off backup files
set nobackup
" Turn off swap files
set updatecount=0
" It's not an MS Word clone
set secure
" Color scheme
color peachpuff
" Highlight syntax
syntax enable
filetype plugin indent on
" Indent commands
com SpaceIndent :set tabstop=4| set shiftwidth=4| set expandtab
com TabIndent :set tabstop=8| set shiftwidth=8| set noexpandtab
" 4 space indent by default
" GUI options
if has("gui_running")