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0. We recommend you to use python-setuptools to install pre-requirement libraries.
If you haven't installed it, please try to install it first.
e.g, sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
1. Python2.5/2.6, MySQL, Django v1.0/1.1
Make sure mysql for python provider has been installed.
sudo easy_install mysql-python
2. Python-openid v2.2
sudo easy_install python-openid
3. django-authopenid(Included in project already)
4. html5lib
Used for HTML sanitizer
sudo easy_install html5lib
5. Markdown2
sudo easy_install markdown2
6. Django Debug Toolbar
0. Make sure you have all above python libraries installed.
run the followings ::
easy_install mysql-python
pip instal -r requirements.txt
1. Copy to and
update all your settings. Check and update
it as well if necessory.
2. Prepare your database by using the same database/account
configuration from above.
create database cnprog DEFAULT CHARACTER SET UTF8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
grant all on cnprog.* to 'cnprog'@'localhost';
And then run "python syncdb" to synchronize your database.
3. Run "python runserver" to startup django
development environment.
4. There are some demo scripts under sql_scripts folder,
including badges and test accounts for You
don't need them to run your sample.