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Hardline Dreams - A Matrix Online Server Emulator written in C#


About Hardline Dreams

We are still here !

This is the development git repository for Hardline Dreams (HDS) a Matrix Online Server Emulator. Our Goal is to get most features working like in the good old MxO Game.

For more information check out our site:

The benefit is that we want to target both combat systems - pre-CR2 and CR2. As we got a working client in 2014 from Community Member Draxxx (many thanks to him at this point) we want to get both working.

Also we started the analyse for the CR1 Client and figured out some differences (RPC Header Mapping is different, player object has one attribute that was added later etc.) Currently we handle that with different namespaces but this isnt a clean solution at all.

So we will use different branches for CR2 and pre-CR2 (aka CR1). The Master branch will stay always CR2. Well this is an idea - but maybe we change this later.

Current State

As we didnt commit a while here this is the current develop version. It is not stable at all. Currently many features are just working "partically" or just started to implement them. But this is nearly a state which will be deployed to our "experimental" Server soon.

Partically working features:

  • Signposts
  • Hyperjump (works but crappy and not really high enough)
  • Multi Player support (it "should" work but wasnt tested enough so you should see each other and hopefully you can chat)
  • Mission System (still at the beginning)
  • Ability loadout change (still buggy if you unload/load more than one ability)
  • Ability Vendor at Mara C just for tests (but you can buy items)
  • Inventory System (you can wear items but stackable doesnt work currently)
  • Friendlist (could be buggy too - not tested)
  • Teleporting through hardlines (this should work nearly perfect)
  • Opening Doors (for this you need an extra file with the static objects - so currently not working here and also not finished properly)
  • Mobs are working partically (they get spawned and auto-move a little bit but still some calculations are wrong - you cannot fight them and they are not attacking you) EDIT: you can partically fight them (attack them with Hacker Attacks for example but its still very buggy)
  • Vendors are implemented (but selling items doesnt work and buy items doesnt decrease amount of money :)) Also i parsed all possible vendors from logs but many vendors missing which need be filled later. For Fun and that you didnt see a vendor window the first vendor from the CSV is the "default vendor".
  • WIP: Crew and Factions Functionality (you can create crews and join factions / create factions but some parts are missing like updating all "online" playerviews)

Server Features:

  • Entity and View System: Every View has an internal entityId so that we can just spawn view on static and dynamic obbjects.
  • Network System: we have now message Queues for RPC and Object related Messages. And it will be resend until ack.
  • Encryption Library Changed (but not finally - we still use engimaLib): to move to .NET Framework 4.0 and to compile for 64 Bit i created an encryption interface. So we use a C# Library and a C# implementation. The Reason for this is that EngimaLib had to be recompiled for 64 Bit (as it is a C++ Library) but i am not sure if the base libs are able to compile 64 Bit. As i dont know if this works well and how good the performance is i created a Encryption Interface and moved the Engima Implemenation there. So if it doesnt work we could easily change back.

Chat commands: There are some ingame commands we added that you can use in HardlineDreams.

  • ?org Change the players aligment / organisation (possible values are 0 - 3)
  • ?rep Set the reputation for an organisation.
    • Example: for zion ?rep zion 120
    • Example: for machine: ?rep machine 120
    • Example: for mero: ?rep mero 120
  • ?spawngameobject Spawns a GameObject of Type GoId in your current position and rotation. This can only work if this type of Go has values for Position and rotation (all other possible attributes are not set). This works with reflections.
  • ?gotopos X Y Z
  • ?rsi : you can change rsi parts but be careful with it
  • ?spawndatanode : This spawn a datanode
  • ?moa Change the moa (only visible to yourself currently)
  • ?playanim Play an animation.
  • ?playmove Should play movement (again i am not sure if this works)
  • ?mob This should spawn a testmob but this doesnt work currently

There are some other commands implemented but they are not important.

The Future

We still continue the development on this project. There is no real "roadmap" or something - we implement the stuff on the fly. This is because we need to research, test and implement everytime.

So the next goals be:

  • Real HyperJump
  • Crew and Faction Managment Finalize
  • Static Objects with correct values (some positions are currently wrong)

Other Files

I commited the debug folder for the reason that there are some resource files inside. The resource files are contributed by MxOSource (for missions XML files - which are currently unused by hds) and several data files which are contributed by the community and (Rajkosto). So special thanks for this resources goes to them.

If you find files where you see a credit by yourself, feel free to contact us on hardline dreams and i add you here too.

In the docs folder is a "" - thanks to githubs upload limit of 100 MB i coulnd't provide them directly. If you want run the server: extract the folder in the debug folder so that you have a "data" folder inside that where the extracted stuff is there. This is necessary to get all the mobs and all static objects recognized. Data


If we dont commit here, it doesnt mean that we didnt something on it. We want just to commit some major updates in the future. Also check out our other repositories for helpful stuff like packets tools etc.

Development Enviroment Setup

You can use Visual Studio 2017 (which we recommend currently and use it). However - Mono Develop should work too.

Rider works again too - i used Rider as its the best C# IDE out there :).

Get the Server running

First you should extract the file in the "Debug/data" directory (there are 3 CSV Files). These files holds all static gameobjects for the 3 worlds files (constructs are missing currently).

So you should be able to open doors. Please Note: they are parsed using a tool we called "Cortana" in the past (before windows 10 exists :)). We had some bugs parsing it so some doors position are not correctly currently. You can checkout the tool here

Second install a MySQL Server somewhere and change the Settings in Debug/Config.xml. Import the SQL which is placed in the SQL Folder.

Start the Server and if everything is right it should take some minutes and end with "I am running :D".

Thanks & Credits

Just as i forgot i want to give some thanks and credits. I didnt go deep in detail for what so here it is.

  • Rajkosto ( - many base logic like the encryption, GoProps etc. are based from him.
  • Morpheus (hardlinedreams) - Many researching stuff and "cortana". Many thanks mate :)
  • The Whole MxO Community - Just for Motivation and support and sure for packet researching too.


Hardline Dreams - A Matrix Online Server Emulator in C#




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