MxO Source Backup from all SVN Trunks that they had
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MxOSource - Matrix Online Server Emulator based on Rajkosto Reality Code

MxOSource Backup from their trunks before their SVN went down. Dont know if it is complete - but better as nothing.

All Credits goes to


  • mxosource-Trunk.r2 - This was the last playable version (many features but buggy)
  • NewBuild-CombatPhaseOne.r84 - Clean Start with rajkos source - dunno how far it was
  • mxosource_new_build - Another Trunk but was cleanup too - starting point was original rajko code

I uploaded this stuff to have the backups from all MxO related stuff somewhere in the internet where everyone can access it.

Enviroent Setup



Well this was nearly imcomplete so i mixed rajkos data tables and their structure (but still data is missing their)