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A super spicy admin backend for Express and Mongoose.

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Sriracha is an Express app that can be mounted as middleware to any url in your application. The admin site's routes and editing interface are generated dynamically based on your Mongoose Models. Options are available to control the look and feel of the admin site.

Quick Start

  1. Install Sriracha:
npm install --save sriracha
  1. Include Sriracha in your express app and mount it to a url.
var express = require('express');
var admin = require('sriracha');

app = express();
app.use('/admin', admin());
  1. Login with username admin and password admin.

Sriracha is running at yourapp/admin!

Image of Sriracha Landing Page

Setting Options Globally

Options can be set globally through the options object passed to the middleware.

var options = {...};
app.use('/admin', admin(options));

default: 'admin' User name used to access admin backend.

default: 'admin' Password used to access the admin backend.

default: ['_id', '_v'] Fields that are hidden in all documents and collections.

default: undefined Sriracha implements a simple (for now) autocomplete query against the specified field.

For instance, to search against the email field in the User model, you would supply the following option:

var options = {
User: {
  searchField: 'email'

default: undefined A setting of false will hide this field from the admin.

Field Types

Field types are set automatically by Sriracha based on the Mongo schema type. However, they can also be customized. Using the 'adminFieldType' option. See the setting options on a schema for examples of how to set custom field types.

Sriracha currently supports the following field types:

default: String and ObjectId schema types. A simple string input field.

text field

default: none The text area field allows easy inline editing of larger portions of text. The textarea field uses TinyMCE and stores it's results as HTML.

textarea field

default: Date schema type. A date picker field using the datepicker jquery plugin.

date field

default: Array schema type. An input that accepts a comma separated list of values.

date field

default: Boolean schema type. A checkbox that setts a boolean field to true or false.

default: Reference to other documents. An input of tags representing references to other documents.

date field

Setting Options on a Schema

All <collection> level options can be set on an individual schema as well. They will take precedence over the same options if they are also defined globally.

To set schema level options, provide the option, prefixed with admin.

For example, the following schema would set the lastName to the search field for users, and would hide the email and onboarding.signupDate fields.

var Schema = mongoose.Schema;

var UserSchema = new Schema({
  lastName: {
    type: String,
    default: '',
    adminSearchField: true
  email: {
    type: String,
    admin: false
  onboarding: {
    signupDate: {
      type: Date,
      admin: false
    hasLoggedIn: {
      type: Boolean,
      default: false


Examples can be found in the ./examples directory. To run them:

git clone <this-repo-or-your-fork>
cd <this-repo-or-your-fork>
npm install
# run the app with simple setup
gulp simple
# run the app with advanced setup
gulp advanced


Contributing is anything from filing bugs, to requesting new features, to building features and their tests. Read the Contributing doc to find out more.


Thanks Iron Summit Media Strategies for the awesome Start Bootstrap Themes.

Siracha started with SB Admin and I used Jade Converter to turn it into Jade.


A super spicy admin backend for Express and Mongoose.




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