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A GNOME 3.10 theme for GNOME Shell, GTK 3, Mutter, and Firefox. See the preview.


GNOME Shell, GTK 3, Mutter

  • Put the entire repository in /usr/share/themes/
  • Since there is no GTK 2 theme yet, you'll have to copy the gtk-2.0 directory from another theme so the Tweak Tool doesn't complain.
  • You can then use the Tweak Tool to set the themes.


  • Install the Stylish extension.
  • Install the FXChrome theme.
  • Go to your Add-ons Manager, select the User Styles page and then write a new style.
  • Give the style a name and paste the contents of firefox.css.
  • You will need to set to tabs to be on top. To do so, right click the tab bar and toggle the option, or set browser.tabs.onTop to "true" in about:config.
  • Also, right click the tab bar, open the Customize window, and toggle the "Use small icons" option.
  • This style works well with the Movable Firefox Button, Favicon Restorer, and Hide Tabbar extensions.

GNOME Terminal

  • Download the gnome-terminal.xml file and run the following command: gconftool-2 --load gnome-terminal.xml. Keep in mind that this will erase your previous settings.
  • Set the profile to "phosphene" by right-clicking on your terminal window and choosing it from the Profiles menu.


  • This theme is not complete yet, and still has bugs. If you find any, please use the issues tracker!
  • The GNOME Shell theme uses Akzidenz Grotesk. If you do not have it installed, you can change the font to your liking in the gnome-shell.css file.