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This game is very simple, and comes with a tool for building your own 
levels in a text editor. Step on lights to turn them off: that's the 
entire game. Play with an SNES controller. The display is intended to be 
a very small (8x8) matrix of LEDs driven by 16 pins (8 anodes and 8 
cathodes.) The program model is very rudimentary: no timing functions of 
the chip are even used. Still, if you are new to microcontroller 
programming, maybe this would be a fun place to start. I run this game 
on an ATMega32 at 1MHz using the internal oscillator, although I'm sure 
other hardware configurations can be made to run the code. Personally I
use avr-gcc, avr-libc, and avrdude, but make substitutions as you see fit.

Some practical notes: The default configuration places the LED display 
anodes and cathodes on ports A and C respectively NOT because the 
letters are intuitive, but because they are on the same side of the 
ATMega32 (in DIP form factor) and because all eight anode pins and all 
eight cathode pins are all together, thus making it easier to work with.

The program currently disables JTAG to free up four of the I/O pins.

If there are any useful parts of this program, it might be the SNES 
controller bus driver code, or the display driver code, to serve as 

Hope somebody out there finds the code to be an amusing place to start 
programming AVR amusements!


A simple game for ATMEL AVR Microcontrollers



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