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An IRC server based on vibe-d.

I primarily wanted to use this at work for intra-office communication, so some of its functionality is limited. Please see Caveats below.

Channel modes supported

  • +a anonymous channel
  • +b ban
  • +e ban exception
  • +h half-op
  • +i invite-only channel
  • +m moderated
  • +o operator
  • +s secret
  • +t topic-locked
  • +v voice

User modes supported

  • +i invisible
  • +o server operator
  • +w receive wallops
  • +s receive server notices

Commands supported

  • NICK change nick
  • USER set user info
  • TOPIC set or get channel topic
  • MODE retrieve or set user or channel modes
  • AWAY set or unset AWAY status
  • KICK remove user from channel
  • ISON query if user is connected
  • PART leave channel
  • INVITE invite user to channel
  • JOIN join channel
  • PRIVMSG send message to user or channel
  • PING ping server
    • QUIT part all channels and disconnect
  • LIST list users in channel
  • WHO list users connected to server
  • WHOIS get info on a particular user


A few commands don't implement all possible invocations as described by RCFs 1459 and 2812.

The server does not form a network with other servers. This is why you don't see commands like SQUIT.

The server doesn't support host bans with KLINE or disconnecting a user with KLINE yet, nor any kind of flood control.