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What follows is the old README file. Apparently the claim of "never fail" is not entirely true. I'll be working toward fixing that, and then I'll remove this message.

Licensed under the GNU GPL 2.

Donny Viszneki <>

******************************* NEVER FAIL *******************************

The primary directive of OGLCONSOLE is to NEVER FAIL (unless you can't
initialize your OpenGL context.)

OGLCONSOLE Mission Statement: OGLCONSOLE will provide text-based user I/O
even when no resources can be found or loaded by the application embedding
it. As long as you successfully initialize your OpenGL context, OGLCONSOLE
can report any and all errors to the user, and at the discretion of the
programmer, can allow the user to repair the problem, or take any other
actions provided by the programmer through the console interface.  
Additionally, putting a console in your application makes troubleshooting
and various debugging efforts much easier.

*************************** MULTIPLE CONSOLES ***************************

There are two very small subsets of the API. For an 
application that uses multiple consoles, you must be responsible for the 
variable representing each console. Call Render(), Destroy(), Focus() 
and Edit() to select for options changes.

If you have one console you are responsible for much less. Just call
Create() once, and throw away the return value. Whenever you need, just
call Draw(), or change options, and Quit() when you're done.

******************************* Other Crap *******************************

OGLCONSOLE Features: OGLCONSOLE supports scrolling up and down to see past
output from the application. OGLCONSOLE also supports scrolling up and
down the "history" of user input. The primary purpose of having "history"
is to be able to re-execute complex commands that have already been issued
with little or no modification, saving the time of re-entering a complex

OGLCONSOLE Extras: Since OGLCONSOLE's functionality requires text-drawing
functionality, you too are able to leverage that functionality. However it
is a very ugly font.

OGLCONSOLE Limitations: OGLCONSOLE makes the slightly wasteful decision of
compiling its font directly into its binary target. To amend this waste,
the very simplest of fonts has been chosen.

OGLCONSOLE Quirks: OGLCONSOLE allows for multiple consoles to exist within
an application, however it is geared toward applications with a single
console. Functions which operate on consoles do not specify the console
they are to operate on within their parameters. Instead, a separate
function is used to select a console, and all subsequent console
operations are directed toward that console.


A fail-safe interactive command-line console for OpenGL applications






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