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Use reddit as a link aggregator.
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Want to use the hivemind to dump stories directly into your feedreader? Now you can.

dereddit takes an rss feed from reddit and strips out the reddit parts. It uses Readability to fetch the content from the resulting links and serve it back to you.


% go get
% go install


% git clone
% cd dereddit
% go run make.go


Presently, there aren't many knobs to turn:

% ./dereddit -h


You will need a Readability API key for this. It it used to parse the links and return the useful bits of the webpage.

% ./dereddit -a "00...00" -u 60 -r TrueReddit,golang,indepthstories

The above line would create rss feeds for /r/TrueReddit, /r/golang, and /r/indepthstories and update them every 60 minutes. They would be accessable at http://localhost:8080/<subreddit>.xml (http://localhost:8080/golang.xml for example).

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