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False color files by for GOES-R ABI CMIPs via HRIT
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False color files by for use with GOES-R Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) channel 02 and channel 13 Cloud Moisture Imagery Products (CMIPs) via High Rate Information Transmission (HRIT).

See full writeup here:

This repository will be used to track changes made to false color lookup tables and contrast curves designed by

Files in the root directory are usable by:
The Open Satellite Project's goesdump:
USA-Satcom's XRIT ingestor:

Files for other application-specific false color implementations will be placed in their own subdirectories:
goestools by Pieter Noordhuis:

Please note the false color files here are meant for GOES-R ABI CMIPs via HRIT and not for the GOES-N series of satellites.

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