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Sat Jun 27 20:20:09 EDT 2009 (hdp) - Release 0.73
Packaging fixes
Thu Jun 25 14:52:29 EDT 2009 (hdp) - Release 0.72
Refresh Module::Install
Sat Mar 28 09:16:09 PDT 2009 (hdp) - Release 0.71
Fix RT#44641, missing documented 'end' action
Fri Mar 27 23:21:17 PDT 2009 (hdp) - Release 0.70
Tests that use JSON were either not checking for the version or checking in a
way that was a syntax error.
Thu Mar 26 14:16:03 PDT 2009 (hdp) - Release 0.69
Fix RT#32342, deprecated config loses default map (hdp)
Fix broken insertion of Catalyst::Request::REST for Action::REST (jshirley)
Wed Mar 25 22:33:38 PDT 2009 (hdp) - Release 0.68
Remove prompt for ancient and deprecated Data::Denter from Makefile.PL
Remove Data::Dump, which was entirely unused
Stop tests from dying with Catalyst 5.80
Wed Mar 25 21:59:59 PDT 2009 (hdp) - Release 0.67
(no changes from 0.67_01)
Wed Mar 25 09:36:00 PDT 2009 (hdp) - Release 0.67_01
Fix RT#43840, improper app-level config handling
Fix RT#42859, 'wrong' Catalyst dependency
Fix RT#42025, stepping on custom request classes
Wed Aug 20 10:42:00 PST 2008 (jshirley) - Release 0.65
Fully revamped tests to work without any JSON support
Final removal of JSON::Syck
Special thanks to jgoulah for helping test this release
Wed Aug 13 08:55:00 PST 2008 (jshirley) - Release 0.64
New dist to fix issue with Module::Install
Wed Jul 09 11:16:00 PST 2008 (jshirley) - Release 0.63
Changing from JSON::Syck to JSON/JSON::XS
Refactored tests to be more applicable to current state of affairs
Wed Jul 02 07:53:00 PST 2008 (jshirley) - Release 0.62
Reshipping with current Module::Install included due to error reports
about failed installs
Mon Jun 30 12:28:00 PST 2008 (jshirley) - Release 0.61
Support official application/json and carp about text/x-json
Accepted patch from Luke Saunders for processing all accepted content types
Thu Jan 3 17:23:58 PST 2008 (adam) - Release 0.60
Updated my contact information.
Prepped for release.
Thu Jan 3 19:42:16 EST 2008
Fixed RT#30498 - REST controller references Catalyst without
loading it first.
Fixed RT#32042 - Import of Params::Validate :all plays badly
with subclasses that have their own validate()
Fixed RT#30456 - Debug messages print even with debugging disabled
Thu Jan 3 08:54:09 PST 2008
Fixed an issue where YAML::Syck versions 0.92 require $c->request->body to
be stringified
Fri Dec 21 15:23:46 EDT 2007
Updated the configuration specifiers to operate more in line with the way
Catalyst expects. Most notably component based configuration through
"Controller::RestClass" now works. "serialize" at the top level simply
is suggested defaults that all REST classes inherit.
Wed Jul 04 11:17:20 EDT 2007
Fixed 'default' serializer to set a valid Content-Type: header. Fixes
RT ticket 27949. Note that behavior has changed -- the default
serializer must now be specified as a content-type, not as a plugin
name. (
Thu May 24 14:01:06 PDT 2007 (adam) - Release 0.41
Moved a bogus $self->class to $c->component($self->class)
Fri Mar 9 14:13:29 PST 2007 (adam) - Release 0.40
Refactored the Content-Type negotiation to live in Catalyst::Request::REST. (drolsky)
Added some useful debugging. (drolsky)
Added a View serializer/deserializer, which simply calls the correct
Catalyst view. ('text/html' => [ 'View', 'TT' ]) (claco, adam)
Wed Dec 6 00:45:02 PST 2006 (adam) - Release 0.31
Fixed a bug where we would report a blank content-type negotiation.
Added Data::Dump as a dependency.
Tue Dec 5 13:02:08 PST 2006 (adam)
Made the YAML::HTML view automatically append content-type=text/html on
the resulting URLs.
Sun Dec 3 12:24:16 PST 2006 (adam) - Release 0.30
Updated the Makefile to support optional installation of the different
Serialization formats.
Renamed some of the test cases, since the execution order doesn't
Fixed things so that not having a Serialization module returns 415.
Fixed things so that failure to Deserialize sends the proper status.
Refactored the Plugin loading to Catalyst::Action::SerializeBase.
Updated the Documentation.
Added a whole raft of serializers. (JSON, all the Data::Serializer
supported ones, and XML::Simple)
Added test cases.
Thu Nov 30 23:51:04 PST 2006 (adam)
Refactored the Catalyst::Action::REST dispatch, so that the default
method is called before any _METHOD handlers. In addition, moved
the 405 Not Implemented handler to be foo_not_implemented, instead
of the default sub. (daisuke++ pointed out the inconsistency and
provided a patch, and I added the foo_not_implemented support)
Added in automated OPTIONS handler, which constructs the allow
header for you, just like the 405 handler. Can be overridden
with a normal _METHOD sub.
Refactored Test::Rest, so that it uses closures to create the
very similar $test->method() subs.
Added tests for Catalyst::Action::REST.
Thu Nov 30 17:14:51 PST 2006 (adam) - Release 0.2
Added documentation patch from Daisuke Maki (
Added dependency patch from Daisuke Maki (
Sun Nov 19 16:24:20 PST 2006 (adam) - Release 0.1
Added status_accepted (Code 202)
Added a first pass at documentation.
Mon Oct 16 14:48:54 PDT 2006 (adam)
Added in Test Suite
Created Catalyst::Action::Serialize and Catalyst::Action::Deserialize
Added Data::Serializer actions
Added status_created helper method
Wed Oct 18 17:29:07 PDT 2006 (adam)
Added more status_ helpers
Thu Oct 19 16:04:33 PDT 2006 (adam)
Converted error helpers to return an object instead of plain-text. It's
a more consistent model than a text/plain error message.
Added logging to 4xx status handlers